Friday, 9 September 2016

Learning Blog Post

Hi guys so I am going to be showing you my writing prove it so below is a picture of it. I put loads of my ideas into my prove it & I hope you like it. I put some of my time into this. So what we have here is my bad writing & my improved writing and the word called COPS. C stands for Capital Letters O stands for order & organisation P stands for punctuation and finally S stands for spelling. I learnt what COPS stand for so thank you for going on to my blog and reading my content. 

Workshop Prove It

I learnt to edit my writing properly

Here is an example
Without editing: hello my name is van i am 8 and i like playing football and i am in rimu hub

With editing: Hello my name is Van I am 8 years old. My favorite hobby is playing Football it is my favorite sport. Also I am in Rimu Hub this year!.

Remember to put in the writing COPS

Capital Letters
Order & organization

I will try to comment back on your blog. 

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  1. Grate post.I can see you have yoused COPS relly well:)