Tuesday, 15 November 2016

P.E Post

Hi. It's Van again and today  am going to be sharing my P.E with so here we GO!.

So the topic I have picked is throwing and so lets do over arm throw first here is a Picture.
So run up and put your arm that you are not holding anything and with your other arm throw it like you are drawing half and pizza. You have to be confident doing it.


So this one we are doing jumping so here's a picture and explanation.

So same thing run and push you legs off the ground. Try jump as high as you can.


So the last one is running here is another picture.

So what you have to do is push your self and force you feet on the ground. Try your best. You need your determination muscle for this.


Thanks for reading my content.
Van Out.


  1. grate post you do really need the determination musal.I like how you said "Thanks for reading my content.
    Van Out.".

  2. wow how long did you run for and how hi did you jump