Monday, 18 September 2017


Original Vid    BY VAN AND NEHE
Planet Unknown/Galaxy 11
One day on the  planet unknown, that no one heard of, on hard rocky turf grass, in the middle of the sea, on an island,there was a stadium, not just a stadium, a stadium meant for REAL MATCHES.
No one could beat the robots but we CAN! The robots have challenged us to play for the world and the planet. The worst thing about this is, we have not found a team to play for the world. So, VAN is captain and then we have got the best right wing in the world and it is NEHE and we need a striker, so it will be Luis Suarez. The manager said "We need a defensive mid-fielder so it will be Luca Modric, Kroos and Iniesta. Everybody said "can we have NEUER as goalkeeper cause he is the best keeper in the world?"
So the robots come into their secret base and steal the phone for their heart rate and they were gonna die cause the robot stole the phone. It is supposed to stay in their suit and they met together at the exit door and he tried to jump Neuer keep saving the robot like a real game and he got the phone and he quickly bring the phone so we could breath so we needed some Center backes and they ousted the Center backs marcelo,ramos,pique and carvajal so now the team is.  

Complete so now we  get to the stadium it is called THE GALAXY 11  and now it began  they walked out and look! At the size of these robots they are beast and so there plan for their game is to collaborate well and help each other so the whistle blows and now lenix with the touch if you're wondering who is lenix he is the captain and the best in that team so he takes the touch of the ball and he shoot and is it gonna go in and what and what a goal  and the ref is a human bean and linux is happy  that did go in so halftime so the manager has found something. There eyes when they turn blue they are gonna put a lot of power on the kick so break over so now the whistle blows so the robots have a lot of pac and they lose the ball NEHE goes and he goes and he shoots and he gets it in YEAH NEHE so now lenux is furious that the keeper did not save the little chip through the middle so extra minute last goal wins so go GALAXY 11 everybody said so lenux with the good touch and pique takes the ball and gets into a crossing position to pass to Van and van goes gets pass through three center backs Van shoots and the keeper block it and goes in so the planet is saved for ever YES!!

Everybody said the bad manager was so angry he wanted to make the planet destroyed and the police got onto them and got sentenced life in prison for trying to affect the world and getting trillions of people to evacuate and get scared.

Thank you for reading this!

Sincerely Van And Nehemiah         PEACE!

How To Knuckle Ball And Curl a Soccer Ball

Original Video                                                                                 
Today I am going to show you how to knuckle and curl a soccer ball here's a tutorial how to!


Step 1 - Grab the ball and find the part where you pump it up  and place it a the bottom of the ball

Step 2 - Take 2 steps to the side 4-5 steps back

Step 3 - Run up at a Reasonable pac and not too hard otherwise it won't work

Step 4 - Hit it not to hard and then land on the other foot that you hit the ball with

Step 5 - Follow through with the ball to get the extra knuckle ball

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

HHS Haka/Pasifaka Performance

To: Hastings Boys High School

We want to thank you for making us want to do it and you guys are leaders all of us are truly inspired by what you did in the Haka and pasifika. We loved the performance that you practised and practised and even the teachers were inspired of your act you put all your best and you guys have heaps of humour and strength that you put into your performance was outstanding. You guys made us laugh so much cause of your sense of humour you guys have and to step up in front of 500+ kids and perform like the all blacks you were AMAZING and when we clapped cause of your act your response was really good and respectful and we would love to have you again at our school cause your a great high school and show pride, respect, determination, perseverance, and made us all happy. Even if we were having a bad day you made everyone's day happy and made us feeling good in our heart and you had heaps of passion that you put into your singing and performances. It was unreal, we could not believe what you guys did and we will be following in your guy's footsteps.

Your Truly
Van McCourt

Parkvale School.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My Camp Kaitawa Adventure

So this is my slideshow. This is my adventure through Camp Kaitawa. I use absorption and noticing muscle during this task. I truly enjoyed this Camp and I cant wait for next years Camp. It was really challenging during different parts of Camp. I like doing the Amazing race as you can see in the reflection in the part of the slideshow.

Friday, 10 February 2017

My Waka Writing!

My big Kauri represents my family and me. On on the right side that’s my family my sister Macey, my dad Scott, and my mum Lara. On the side of it those are the games that i like. The stars and the water stream wava are the people who died down below and on the top that star is my dog who passed away by cancer. The river were the splash is has me bombing in the pool and it was really fun doing it and this represents my family and me!

Here is a picture!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

P.E Post

Hi. It's Van again and today  am going to be sharing my P.E with so here we GO!.

So the topic I have picked is throwing and so lets do over arm throw first here is a Picture.
So run up and put your arm that you are not holding anything and with your other arm throw it like you are drawing half and pizza. You have to be confident doing it.


So this one we are doing jumping so here's a picture and explanation.

So same thing run and push you legs off the ground. Try jump as high as you can.


So the last one is running here is another picture.

So what you have to do is push your self and force you feet on the ground. Try your best. You need your determination muscle for this.


Thanks for reading my content.
Van Out.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Art post

So today I am going to be sharing my sketching art. Here we go!

So I have been working on this for long time and put in loads of effort and perseverance after when I finished I came up with this here is a picture and some detail about it.

Here is my sketching on the left it is a glue stick and on the left is tape. I worked really hard on this and it took me like 3 days and it was really fun and it was interesting learning it. I used my learning muscles for this and it was absorption and managing distractions. I learnt to be careful and do it very lightly and stay focused and do not get distracted.

Thank you for reading my content.
Van out.