Tuesday, 15 November 2016

P.E Post

Hi. It's Van again and today  am going to be sharing my P.E with so here we GO!.

So the topic I have picked is throwing and so lets do over arm throw first here is a Picture.
So run up and put your arm that you are not holding anything and with your other arm throw it like you are drawing half and pizza. You have to be confident doing it.


So this one we are doing jumping so here's a picture and explanation.

So same thing run and push you legs off the ground. Try jump as high as you can.


So the last one is running here is another picture.

So what you have to do is push your self and force you feet on the ground. Try your best. You need your determination muscle for this.


Thanks for reading my content.
Van Out.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Art post

So today I am going to be sharing my sketching art. Here we go!

So I have been working on this for long time and put in loads of effort and perseverance after when I finished I came up with this here is a picture and some detail about it.

Here is my sketching on the left it is a glue stick and on the left is tape. I worked really hard on this and it took me like 3 days and it was really fun and it was interesting learning it. I used my learning muscles for this and it was absorption and managing distractions. I learnt to be careful and do it very lightly and stay focused and do not get distracted.

Thank you for reading my content.
Van out.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Literacy Post

Welcome back to my blog and I am going to be doing a literacy post here you GO!!

So am going to be sharing literacy

12th October 2016

I worked really hard on this and put a lot of my time into it. I liked doing it and I used my perseverance and absorption muscles 

Back on Monday Night Raw Brock Lesnar VS VanTheMan payperview Main Event so ding ding ding the bell goes Brock Lesnar get’s first hits on VanTheMan and knocks him to the hard ring floor and VanTheMan gets up and clotheslines Brock lesnar and he’s down. VanTheMan get’s a chair and smacks Brock lesnar goes down shattered by a chair. VanTheMan gets him in a headlock and brock lesnar reverses it and gets VanTheMan.

VanTheMan is out and seems to be really injured but he gets up and gets brock lesnar into a headlock and slides like a snail all the way out of the ring. He go get’s a steel chair and smacks brock lesnar down once again VanTheMan is in a very good possession VanTheMan slides back out of the ring and gets a ladder. He climbs up and gets pulled down by brock lesnar and now the tables have turned!!.

Brock lesnar rucks VanTheMan over and gets advantage of VanTheMan so now VanTheMan is down so now it’s Brock lesnar’s turn to climb the ladder. Brock lesnar gets up with no distractions at all and Brock lesnar gets up to the top of the ladder and dive’s like a bird but VanTheMan rolls like a dog being controled. Brock lesnar is down he look like he’s in a bad possession now VanTheMan gets the ladder and smashes Brock Lesnar.

So VanTheMan pins Brock Lesnar with his muscles and agility also pulls his leg up for an oppurtunity to win the match and the refferee count ‘s one two three ding ding ding VanTheMan Has won the match for the first time against Brock Lesnar and VanTheMan gets his hand raised up and there was a match the commentator said Brock Lesnar can’t believe neither can the fans believe it and VanTheMan has won the match once and forall VanTheMan has done the impossible The End.

Thank You For Reading my content THANKS!. 


Maths Blog Post

Hey guys I am back with another post so I hope you enjoy the maths post

So what I have chosen is my strategy that I did with Mrs Love. She wrote down some questions and we had to find out what would the times would be. Here's an example. Van had 12 jelly beans and you have to spread each jellybean into each pizza slice and make it even. It would be 3x4=12 and I will show you a sheet of some. Here it is .