Sunday, 29 May 2016

Learning Blog Post 5

My Learning Blog Post
Hi Guys I am Back with another Blog Post 
Hope You Enjoy!!!:

During this term we have been doing loads of learning, it is so fun. Learning is so good for your brain and it makes you smarter and smarter. If you keep on trying to learn you will be the smartest in the world maybe but only if you try hard. My best learning this term is My Maths 

here is my Maths!!!! 

hope you Enjoyed 
I want to work Hard!!!

I learnt to find the perimeter of the shape!!! And put in units.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

My best learning 2

Hope you enjoy my best learning blog post!! :)

This term Rimu hub have been learning lots including about rubbish, maths, writing and more. All of the hub had to choose what was their best learning this term. My best learning of the term is my Writing Task because I really liked doing it. It is super fun!! I want to work hard!! :)

Here is my writing:
When I woke up I was freezing ice cold. I was starving so I took a peek into the cold frozen ice fridge. There was

nothing there!. My tummy was rumbling, so I dove into the driver's seat and pushed on the peddle and twisted the key around.

Finally I got there the BK order person said no more BK chicken burgers sold! Soon I heard a hollow loud scary echo. Suddenly the wall smashed and I dived into the car and out of nowhere smash a massive BK chicken burger started chasing me but I had and an idea.

As soon as I reach the closest hose I can make it soggy and it will die!! As I travel for hours, I finally see a hose and get the grip on it and I squirted water for 2 minutes and it finally died!!. On the ground there was one soggy wet burger so I chomped it up.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My learning Blog Post 4

  My Learning Blog Post 4 
Hope you enjoy The Blog!!!!
Hi guys I am back.

This recent term, Rimu hub has been learning so much like how to reduce rubbish, maths,  writing,  reading and more. In this term, rimu has to choose what our best learning of the term is and mine is my reading!!. In the class and in the reading sessions,  I am in the Penguin's group with Mr M/ Mr Moriarty and it is so fun. In  Rimu I love reading so much. I hope you love it too.

I want to work hard!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Holiday!!!

Hello I am back, on the long weekend I went to a soccer game it was Phoenix vs another team that I forgot. First I was so exited and so cold.Phoenix is my second favorite soccer team the Phoenix team is also known as Wellington team. At half time me and my dad went and got a hot dog and a drink. When we got back the Phoenix was on their half and close to their goal when one of the players passed it and then he kicked it and they scored. Me and my dad screamed yes!! yes!! yes!! at full time it was 2 to 1 to the phoenix I started screaming yes!! yes!! yes!! and that is how they won!!!

hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!