Friday, 12 August 2016

My Awesome Holiday

During the holiday, me & my Dad went to McDonald's we ordered on the device order machine & I got one big mac chips & a frozen fanta drink. Then at the counter we waited for a long time and the lady came up to us and said whats your McDonald's number we answered back 57. Then she replied sorry you had pay at the counter. Finally we paid and got our meal I ate my big mac in under 7 minutes & my fries. We only had 10 more minutes left to get to the Movies. We went & watched the new ghost busters Movie it mad me jump and it scared me when the screen turned on and the noise went. Once we finished we went to ocean spa with my cousins Arcadia & Tuhiwhai. It was really fun I saw one of my Football team mates called Caleb he is our striker for the Team. Dad keeped on flying me off his shoulders into the pool again and again. When we were finished we got changed and dropped them off & then we finally we Home and relaxed.

Hope You Enjoyed. I Will Try Comment Back On Your Blog!!


  1. I bet you had lots of fun at the pools

  2. great Van i love all the detail you put into it.

  3. it looks like you have fun
    from Reuben

  4. grate post.sounds like a ton of fun