Thursday, 26 May 2016

My best learning 2

Hope you enjoy my best learning blog post!! :)

This term Rimu hub have been learning lots including about rubbish, maths, writing and more. All of the hub had to choose what was their best learning this term. My best learning of the term is my Writing Task because I really liked doing it. It is super fun!! I want to work hard!! :)

Here is my writing:
When I woke up I was freezing ice cold. I was starving so I took a peek into the cold frozen ice fridge. There was

nothing there!. My tummy was rumbling, so I dove into the driver's seat and pushed on the peddle and twisted the key around.

Finally I got there the BK order person said no more BK chicken burgers sold! Soon I heard a hollow loud scary echo. Suddenly the wall smashed and I dived into the car and out of nowhere smash a massive BK chicken burger started chasing me but I had and an idea.

As soon as I reach the closest hose I can make it soggy and it will die!! As I travel for hours, I finally see a hose and get the grip on it and I squirted water for 2 minutes and it finally died!!. On the ground there was one soggy wet burger so I chomped it up.


  1. Nice work van, I love your story and how it twisted around just like that. I love how you drove the car.
    Keep up the great work

  2. that is a good post van you have been working very hard keep up the great work;-)

  3. Wow Van that is an awesome piece or writing:)