Tuesday, 6 June 2017

HHS Haka/Pasifaka Performance

To: Hastings Boys High School

We want to thank you for making us want to do it and you guys are leaders all of us are truly inspired by what you did in the Haka and pasifika. We loved the performance that you practised and practised and even the teachers were inspired of your act you put all your best and you guys have heaps of humour and strength that you put into your performance was outstanding. You guys made us laugh so much cause of your sense of humour you guys have and to step up in front of 500+ kids and perform like the all blacks you were AMAZING and when we clapped cause of your act your response was really good and respectful and we would love to have you again at our school cause your a great high school and show pride, respect, determination, perseverance, and made us all happy. Even if we were having a bad day you made everyone's day happy and made us feeling good in our heart and you had heaps of passion that you put into your singing and performances. It was unreal, we could not believe what you guys did and we will be following in your guy's footsteps.

Your Truly
Van McCourt

Parkvale School.